Entry #1

A little about me

2014-03-13 10:31:42 by Alesyamo

Hi! My name is Alesya and I am a beginner in animation and other topics. I am Russian, but I live in Spain. I must say that my English is not very good. I understand completely read and discussed, as also spent time in the UK, but when I try to express my english is not the best in the world, so please, indulge thirst xD. So if you see something you can correct me on my English, I'll be delighted you correct me, will be of great help to me. Well, on the animations to do, I would like to know your opinion and share. That's what I'm here, to learn.


Greetings to all!


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2014-03-13 11:26:34

hey :)
it's good to see new animators here ^^
nah you're english is just fine :P
also i saw your last video , it was pretty nice :) keep it up and good luck :D


2014-03-14 20:39:12

Seems okay so far, nothing really jumped out at me. I'll keep an ear out for any future mistakes ;)
Welcome to Newgrounds, by the way (btw), a pleasure to have you on board!

Alesyamo responds:

Oohhh, thank you very much! It's really nice reading things like that ><. And more coming from a spanish community. I'm feeling like a stranger a little bit here, but everybody it's really nice ^_^. It's a pleasure for me too!


2014-03-14 21:12:24

Is there any work in Spain? My friend's been having a rough time trying to earn money as a woodworker (cabinets, chairs) http://jabalias22.newgrounds.com/

Alesyamo responds:

Well, the situation it's not the best in the world, but in my opinion is possible finding a job. Everything is feeling lucky ^^.